2000/01 CD Player Line-up

Finally Denon have realised that no-one was buying their CD players anymore, because other manufacturers machines had far better facilities, and better prices. But now they have done something about it, and once again lead the market when it comes to twin CD players…


First up the new budget machine in the range, the DN1800F has made a serious impact on the cheap “twin CD player” copies. Why … because it has similar features to the cheap machines, but has a retail price of only £549.99, and the world renowned Denon name.It has all the essentials and one little gimmick, the Denon brake and platter stop features, which simulate  stopping a deck. Its amazing what you can do with a bit of memory now days.

Apart from that there’s not much here that you wouldn’t expect to find on any self respecting DJ CD player, but I must point out that it does have instant start, a facility which is missing on many of the cheaper players, but is featured here.

Next up is the brand new mid range kit, the DN2100F, which is an update to the classic, but very long in the tooth DN2000F, which in it’s original form first surfaced about 10 years ago. I don’t think I be upsetting anyone by telling you that the MkII version of the 2000 was probably the most dissapointing CD player ever to hit the market. It was constantly breaking down, and was the machine that was really responsible for Denon’s downfall in the marketplace. 
That said however, the 2100 is a completely new machine, not based on the 2000, but on the fantastic DN2600F, which first appeared late 1999, it get’s rid of a couple of the less popular features, and £100 on the price tag too, listing for £799.99. It does have lovely little orange tray lights, anti-shock, the Denon digi-scratch facility (more on this later) twin loops, hot starts, digital outputs, pitch bend by button or jog/shuttle wheel, and a nice bright fluorescent display. The only negative feedback we’ve had on the machine so far, is that the main play/cue buttons are a bit small.
And finally the DN2600F. Well where do you start with this machine… the top of the range twin CD format player, this one’s got more bells and whistles that you’d ever thought possible, and in our opinion, is the best CD player on the market at this time. Like the entire range, it’s really well built, weighs a ton, and my only reservation is that the drawers are a bit plastic. It’s the only thing that let’s it down.

Again, two sets of loops adorn each deck, allowing you to create two separate loops for a track, which you can also use as hot starts, just like the Denon MD decks … they allow you to jump instantly from one track, or cue point from a disc.

The one gimmick I could do without is the On board effects allow you to add variable amounts of phasing, filters and the like to the outgoing mix, giving you complete creative control. The sampler from the old, top of the range DN2500 has been retained but now allows more adjustment , looping etc. Learn Tips To Form Boring Skin Shine

But the biggest new feature of the deck, must be the new digi-scratch feature. It’s not like scratching on vinyl, not better or worse, just different. You can’t scratch from the start of a track, it takes 4 seconds for a song to load into the buffer, but once it’s loaded you can spin forward at will, it’s only when you try and spin backwards that it runs out of memory after 4 seconds, close but no cigar.

Again the new deck features Platter stop and brake features, separate pitch and key controls, as well as more customizable options than you’ll ever require.

It retails for £899 (inc vat) … which isn’t cheap, but if you don’t want auto mixing (and what self respecting DJ would) this is the best CD player on the market. Buy one now !

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