• I have a pair of Numark TT1’s i’d like to trade in? – (From: Waseem)

    We are an e-tailer only, and don’t have a retail shop, and therefore don’t have an outlet to clear second hand goods. You make wish to consider putting your decks on one of the on-line auctions like www.ebay.co.uk or www.qxl.co.uk

  • What makes a mixer a scratch mixer? – (From: Superfly)

    There is nothing to specifically designate a mixer as a scratch mixer, by design all mixers do the same job, to mix 2 (or more) sound sources. A mixer which has been labeled a “scratch mixer” is one which has been built with this task in mind, it’s design makes it more suitable for scratching, e.g. a predominant crossfader position, and a narrow design to fit between the two decks, therefore making the turntablism experience easier.

  • Delivery options to Estonia? – (From: Marx32)

    Sadly, none at the moment. Due to the difficulties involved with the distribution of international orders, we are presently only able to ship within the United Kingdom. We hope to begin international deliveries in the near future.

  • Can I pay extra to have overnight delivery and how much is it? – (From: S Linger)
    The answer to your question is that all deliveries are made overnight as soon as we receive the products at our warehouse for no additional charge.

    If you place an order before 1pm then WE usually get it the next day (provided our supplier has stock), and then ship it on to you the following day.

  • Why do you only have a small number of products? –  (From: G Simpson)
    Simple answer to that one! Were adding them as fast as we can! An example – there are literally hundreds of mixers on the market at the moment and when we add a product to the site we like to make sure we’ve compiled as much information about it as possible! Products are being added to the site at a startling rate – keep an eye on the homepage where we detail our most recent additions.
  • How much will postage and packing cost? (From: R Addison)
    Standard delivery is £8.00 on all orders below £100.00… over that amount – it’s free! There are some delivery “upgrade” options available – eg. Before Noon, etc. These are detailed in our delivery information.